TARMAC Success Story — Small Sizes with A Big Heart

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Countries Expanded


Increase in Sales

Prior to working with Stork Up:

  • Focused mainly on the local market
  • Had a hard time seeking sales channels
  • Struggled in handling a large volume of orders

After working with Stork Up:

  • Hassle-free integration with their Shopify channel
  • Sales increased 150% in the first year alone
  • Products delivered to customers around the world
  • Shipping times and costs significantly reduced

Tarmac Works

TARMAC Success Story — Small Sizes with A Big Heart
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"Working with StorkUp has always been great since day 1. We do feel like they are our partner in the way they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we are able to fulfil customer orders in a timely matter."


Director of Tarmac Works

Introducing TARMAC

When TARMAC Works was founded in 2014, they were just a team of model car enthusiasts.

"Small Size. Big Heart. " - TARMAC's motto says it all.

They believed that small size didn't have to mean a lack of heart, so from day one, they set out to create the finest replica model cars in the world.

Their first model, the Honda Civic EG6, came out of the blue and was an immediate success.

The level of detail and accuracy that TARMAC put into each of its models was unlike anything else on the market.

TARMAC had the dream to bring premium-quality 1:64 scale replica model cars to car lovers around the world.

The Challenges TARMAC Faced

TARMAC always dreamed big, but they’ve also faced some challenges along the way.

Early on, they had trouble figuring out the right sales channel for their product line.

But at the time when their business finally started to take off, TARMAC realized it was overwhelming to get their cars into the hands of collectors all over the world.

They had to quickly find a partner to handle such a large volume of orders while still maintaining the level of quality they were known for.

TARMAC Success Story — Small Sizes with A Big Heart

A Like-Minded Partner: Stork Up

One mistake that many eCommerce businesses make is to try doing everything on their own.

But that's not the way how TARMAC worked.

TARMAC knew sooner or later, they would need a fulfillment partner who could take over the entire fulfillment process and help them scale their business.

Finding such a like-minded partner was never going to be easy.

TARMAC had high standards for their fulfillment partner, and Stork Up was able to meet (and exceed) all of them.

TARMAC uses Shopify to host its online business. They were able to connect their Shopify store to Stork Up's portal with just a few clicks.

All the orders from their Shopify store were seamlessly integrated into Stork Up’s platform, enabling our fulfillment center to have all the shipping information,  product details, and customer data automatically filled in and synced. They never had to type and enter any info manually.

Since working with Stork Up, TARMAC saved tons of hours by reducing paperwork and ensuring all the orders are correctly synced, packed, labeled, shipped, and even tracked. It just worked like a charm.

Plus, our customer success team is always there to help if they need anything.

Growth Since Partnering With Stork Up

When TARMAC partnered with Stork Up, they were just expecting a fulfillment company to handle their high volume of orders.

But what they didn’t expect was how quickly and efficiently Stork Up could operate.

They were even more surprised and amazed by the growth they've seen in such a short amount of time: a solid 150% increase in the first year alone. And they showed no signs of slowing down.

Not only is TARMAC happy with the results, but their customers are too. They love the fast and reliable shipping, the excellent customer service, and of course, the breath-taking replica model cars.

Big Heart: TARMAC's Road to Success

TARMAC's goal is to continue to grow and expand its business while maintaining the highest levels of quality and customer service. Their expansion into new markets has been successful so far, but they plan to grow even further: to reach more car lovers around the world.

And with the help of Stork Up,  they'll have no problem achieving their goal.

Now, Who’s Next?

From TARMAC Work’s humble beginnings to its current success in the model car niche, TARMAC's story is all about dedication and hard work.

Your business could be the next!

Our years of experience in the eCommerce industry and our commitment to quality and customer service make us the perfect partner for any business just like TARMAC.

If you're looking for a partner to help you grow your eCommerce business, we should talk. So, what are you waiting for?

TARMAC Success Story — Small Sizes with A Big Heart
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