How Stork Up Helped Angles90 Bring its Brand to the World

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New Market Expanded


Efficiency in Operation

Prior to working with Stork Up:

  • Business relied on a few selected retail channels
  • Lacked the resources to scale their business
  • Worked with a costly fulfillment company
  • Struggled to find a reliable and trustworthy fulfillment partner

After working with Stork Up:

  • Fully integrated with their online channels
  • Tapped into 28 new markets
  • Reached a broader customer base
  • Shipping times and costs greatly improved


How Stork Up Helped Angles90 Bring its Brand to the World
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"With Stork Up, we found a trustworthy partner in Hong Kong for our cross-border fulfillment in the APAC region. We know we have a team far off our base in Italy we can rely on and who is acting as a partner rather than a service provider."

Leander Leitner Dissinger

Managing Partner at Angles 90

About Angles90

Founded in 2018, Angles90 is an Italian startup that develops and offers innovative and functional fitness equipment. 

Sure, there are plenty of knock-off products on the market, but Angles90 offers the real deal: made in Italy with high-quality materials, their products are designed to help athletes achieve their goals — whether it be muscle growth, injury prevention, or functional training, etc. 

Lift More Naturally — Angles90 aims to make strength training more natural, effective, and joint-friendlier. 

From Resistance Bands to Suspension Trainers, Angles90 has a line of products that help athletes reach their fitness goals while stay in injury-free.

Their Challenges

When they first started out, the biggest challenge Angles90 faced was scaling their business without any external debt or funding. 

It’s either make it or break it. 

Angles90 needed to be profitable from the start — a daunting task for any business, let alone a startup. 

Relying on only a few selected retail chains, Angles90 realized that to survive, it needed to reach its target audience on a global scale. 

They needed a reliable and trustworthy fulfillment partner for their cross-border fulfillment needs, especially in the Asia Pacific region — which is where Stork Up came in.

How Stork Up Helped Angles90 Bring its Brand to the World

How Stork Up Helped

The outbreak of Covid 19 has changed the way many people think about fitness. More people are now working out at home than ever before, and Angles90 is in a great position to take advantage of this trend. 

Stork Up's eCommerce fulfillment services gave Angles90 the ability to scale their business and reach 28 more potential markets. 

In addition, Stork Up's fulfillment center is located in Hong Kong, which further allowed Angles90 to take advantage of shorter shipping times and lower shipping costs when compared to shipping from their factory in Italy. 

What used to be a struggle — is no longer an issue!
Angles90 chose to work with Stork Up for their cross-border fulfillment needs because they believe in our experience, expertise, and commitment to delivering results. Angles90 has come a long way since 2018, from a struggling startup to a thriving business. And we're proud that Stork Up has been with them every step of the way!

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