Crowdfunding Your Next Big Idea?

Whether it's a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, let Stork Up take the hassle out of crowdfunding fulfillment.

Never Let Your Backers Down

Never Let Your Backers Down

Backers are the lifeblood of your crowdfunding campaign -
Their satisfaction is our top priority!

That's why we make sure to fulfill every order on time and as promised.

By helping you streamline your crowdfunding fulfillment, logistics and shipping, we ensure that your products can reach backers on time, every time!

Never Let Your Backers Down

How Does It Work?

Consult An Expert

1. Consult An Expert

We know how important it is that each Kickstarter or Indiegogo fulfillmentis different and requires thorough planning to keep your backers happy. We’ll go over the requirements for your crowdfunded project to develop a plan that fits your specific needs.

Inbound Inventory & Get Integrated

2. Inbound Inventory & Get Integrated

Once we have received your inventory and integrated your data, our team will start picking and packing your incoming orders. For any Kickstarter, we offer a user-friendly “Plug& Play” portal that provides logistics integration services and can automate fulfillment and shipping from our Hong Kong warehouse.

Track Your Campaign Progress

03. Track Your Campaign Progress

You'll have full visibility into every aspect of your campaign with our online portal. As a cloud-based portal, you can access it any time of day and anywhere in the world, ensuring peace of mind on your crowdfunding fulfillment.

Get Your Product Fulfilled Quickly And Accurately

When it comes to fulfilling your backers' orders, Stork Up takes accuracy and efficiency very seriously.

Our reputed Kickstarter logistics services use the latest technology to pick and pack your products quickly and efficiently. With us, you never have to stress about crowdfunding fulfillment and can be confident that your backers will receive their rewards as promised.

Get Your Product Fulfilled Quickly And Accurately
Streamline Your Crowdfunding Fulfillment Process

Streamline Your Crowdfunding Fulfillment Process

Dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all their fulfillment and shipping needs, we'll make sure your crowdfunding campaign goes off without a hitch, from product launch planning to order fulfillment and shipping. How do we do it? By using a highly automated, streamlined, and robust order fulfillment operation and a group of well-trained professionals.

Our technology-backed logistic services are automated to reduce the possibility of human errors and accelerate the processing of orders. Working with various shipping options and popular shopping carts, we also help you easily streamline and simplify the Kickstarter or Indiegogo fulfilment process. Altogether, this helps to minimize your Kickstarter or Indiegogo shipping costs.

Your Backers' Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Your Backers' Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Nobody wants to wait months to receive the rewards. We know how efficient and accurate order fulfillment is important to you and your backers. And, we're pretty darn good at it too.

Just leave the heavy lifting to us — Stork Up can help you every step of the way.

Improve your business and make your work easy

Let us take the hassle out of crowdfunding fulfillment and shipping for you. Whether it be for Kickstarter or Indiegogo logistics, Stork Up is your one-stop shop for all your global eCommerce logistic needs.

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