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Movers & Cashmere: Soft and Serene. Visionary Cashmere Apparels for Modern Living.

Change the way you live life, closer to nature.


Growth in Revenue


Years with Stork Up

Prior to working with Stork Up:

  • Struggled with storage and logistics challenges
  • Hard to scale business volume internationally
  • Cashmere products needed delicate storage requirements
  • Faced difficulties in finding a professional, reliable fulfillment partner

After working with Stork Up:

  • Fully integrated with their online channels
  • Provided optimal storage environment for cashmere
  • Helped reach other markets internationally
  • Good system support and quick responses to customer requests

Movers & Cashmere

Movers & Cashmere
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"It has been 6 years since we started partnering with Stork Up. They are always professional, reliable and at the forefront of their business. Selling fashion and in particular Cashmere, we do have more complex and detailed branding and storage requirements, Stork Up have always provided the support that we need with their dedicated and knowledgeable team who are always here to help with very quick responses. Good system support and quick response to customer requests are the pillars of a successful business."

Leslie W Tsang

Founder of Movers & Cashmere

"Soft and Serene. Visionary Cashmere Apparels for Modern Living."

Movers & Cashmere is a visionary cashmere apparel label founded in 2016 by Leslie Tsang.

Designed to be seasonless and timeless, the label's collections always focus on supremely crafted cashmere pieces, inspired by the modern, dynamic, vibrant, and high-acheiving “Mover” lifestyles.

Based in Hong Kong, the brand has quickly gained momentum in London and Copenhagen. Since the label’s launch, Movers & Cashmere has been featured in various publications such as

  • Wallpaper*
  • Kinfolk
  • Design Anthology
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Elle
  • Tatler, and more.

The label has created a capsule collection with London designer, Charlie May in 2017/2018, and have brought together a creative collaboration in 2018/2019 with Sørensen Leather from Denmark, the exclusive leather house for world-class architects and designers, namely Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair among many others, and also a multidisciplinary art collaboration with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects and Sørensen Leather in 2019/2020, representing the ultimate aesthetic and creative collision of architecture, art and fashion.

In November 2020, the collection’s campaign images were also featured in Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen’s book – “The Reinvention of Forms” which was exhibited in ALIUM Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This focus on quality and craftsmanship has contributed to the success of Movers & Cashmere.

Apart from selling online, Movers & Cashmere has stockists in Hong Kong and London, including:

  • Vein at Lee Garden One in Hong Kong
  • Alex Eagle in London
  • Threads Styling in London

Movers & Cashmere was also displayed at Tatler House and hosted popups, with the most recent ones at the Tatler Easter Market, House of Madison, and the Upper House.

"Soft and Serene. Visionary Cashmere Apparels for Modern Living."

Passion Is The Driving Force Behind Movers & Cashmere

“Keep Moving Beautifully.”  The slogan of the brand is a perfect embodiment of the founder’s philosophy.

This speaks to Leslie Tsang's passion for her brand, which is evident in the attention to detail and the commitment to quality.

Inspired by the modern, dynamic, vibrant "Mover" lifestyle, Movers & Cashmere embodies the concept of The Essence of Things.

Passion Is The Driving Force Behind Movers & Cashmere

The unique design concept, the focus on uncompromised quality and craftsmanship, and the attention to detail reflected have all contributed to the success of Movers & Cashmere.

Always-on-the-go, high achievers’ routine in effortless comfort, full of endless possibilities and understated charm, every piece of Movers & Cashmere is made with uncompromising quality in pursuit of a seasonless and timeless wardrobe.

Taking Care Of Cashmere Is No Easy Task

Fashion is a notoriously difficult industry, and starting a new brand that focused solely on cashmere was even more challenging.

Cashmere, as a delicate fiber, requires a specific environment to maintain its quality. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat can cause the fiber to fade or become brittle.

With such delicate products, it was crucial to find a warehouse that could provide the specific environment that cashmere needs in order to stay in pristine condition.

Although Movers & Cashmere has enjoyed great success in HK and UK, expanding the business internationally was yet another daunting task.

Delays in delivery and order fulfillment issues were some of the complaints that Movers & Cashmere received from their international buyers in the early days.

As an international brand, Movers & Cashmere needed a fulfillment partner that could carry out day-to-day pick and pack with its very specific brand guidelines and track all inventory and progress digitally.

"Soft and Serene. Visionary Cashmere Apparels for Modern Living."

Stork Up's Commitment To Maintaining  Movers & Cashmere's High Standards

Stork Up has been with Movers & Cashmere from the very beginning.

The seamless collaboration between the two brands is based on mutual ideologies: both are committed to quality and maintaining high standards.

From providing special storage and logistics support to order fulfillment, Stork Up has been an integral part of the brand's success.

In the first year or two, the brand saw a 200% growth in sales revenue. And this growth has only continued, with Stork Up managing even greater volumes of orders every day.

Apart from helping Movers & Cashmere create an automated and integrated fulfillment process that meets their high standards, Stork Up also helped them expand into new markets around the globe.

Movers & Cashmere’s logistics operation alone would not be where they are today without the help of Stork Up.

Both brands have built a strong partnership based on the commitment to quality, which has resulted in Movers & Cashmere's impressive growth and success worldwide.

What's Next For Movers & Cashmere?

Movers & Cashmere always strives for excellence, from the design of its products to the materials used.

Quality and reputation are of the utmost importance for Stork Up, too — Because we ensure that every order is fulfilled flawlessly and that each of Movers & Cashmere's customers is happy with their purchase and delivery.

And such dedication is what helped both brands achieve success.

Looking to the future, Movers & Cashmere will continually expand its international reach and solidify its position as a top luxury cashmere brand.

Being a vital part of Movers & Cashmere's success, Stork Up will always be there to support Movers & Cashmere to maintain its high standards and help them grow into a globally recognized brand.

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