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Why Increased De Minimis Provide Online Retailers a Great Opportunity to Expand the U.S. Market

Last year, the U.S. congress passed a new bill increasing the United States de minimis rate from $200 to $800 for shipments arriving from international companies, and being shipped into the U.S. But why is this important? What people don’t realize, is how much this bill positively affects online retailers selling cross border to the United States. What does de minimis mean? According to the ICC Customs Guideline, de minimis is defined as a valuation ceiling for goods, including documents and trade samples, below which no duty or tax is charged and clearance procedures, including data requirements, are minimal. More simply put, there are no formal procedures, such as taxes or duties, for good

The Best Guide to Chinese Consumer Behavior on WeChat (2017)

StartFragmentThe habit of using WeChat is ingrained in Chinese consumer behavior. The popularity of this application has been growing at a breakneck speed since its launch in 2011. The application allows Chinese people to be immersed in the convenience and rapidity of virtual communication and online interaction, improving their daily lives and work.EndFragment StartFragment Source: chriscullmannEndFragment StartFragmentChinese consumer behavior exhibits a steadfast loyalty to WeChat. The application’s monthly active user base in China totaled 706.7m in 3Q2016, which is equal to 93% of the company’s global count. We expect the rapid growth of the user base to continue, although the trend wil

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